Hope is on the horizon. Fort Collins therapists promoting your happiness and well-being. 


When life takes an unexpected turn, everyone can benefit from assistance. 

We provide expert guidance, working with you to restore balance and equilibrium.

Dr. Gary Ranch, Psy.D. and Marcia McConnell Ranch, L.C.S.W. provide their clients compassionate, effective and professional assistance.  Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, we offer a broad spectrum of counseling and consulting services aimed at alleviating impediments to your well-being and happiness.

We are experienced psychotherapists skilled in addressing a wide range of life's problems.  We utilize treatment modalities based on current and emerging research including the field of neuroscience.  Through our professional relationship with you we create a supportive, healing environment within which you can safely explore your concerns.  Competent in working with children, teens and adults. we help you to achieve improved emotional health, enhanced levels of functioning and the capacity to create a more rewarding life. 

The range of our counseling services entails individual, couple, family and group therapy.  In addition we provide coaching, training and consultation.

PsychHorizons is dedicated to helping you reach your goals and attain optimal life satisfaction.  We view ourselves as change facilitators, resource developers and intervention specialists.  Our values embody self-determination, social and cultural diversity and cultivating partnerships for positive problem resolution and self-empowerment.